Other Corporate Services

Offshore Business Solutions Ltd. provides worldwide company formation services. Apart of a standard company formation you may need some other services or products that we offer. Some prices vary by jurisdiction so if you need these please contact us for further details.
Ship / Aircraft registration Cost varies by jurisdiction
Nominee directors Cost varies by jurisdiction
Notarisation USD 190.00
Apostilisation USD 290.00
Certificate of Good Standing USD 300.00
Certificate of Incumbency USD 300.00
Standard power of attorney USD 300.00
Change of Name USD 300.00
Corporate Pliers Seal USD 50.00
Mail forwarding per item USD 25.00
Company search Cost varies by jurisdiction
UK Fax number - fax to e-mail USD 40.00
Business Plan contact us for details
Accountancy time spent
VAT Registration contact us for details
Business start-up pack: Company Logo design, 10 pages HTML Web Site design, Company Letterhead and Memo Slip design, 250 full colour Business Cards USD 450.00

Business needs,
offshore solutions...

  • Company formation services
  • Business transfers to offshore havens
  • Offshore banking
  • Nominee officers services
  • Ready made shelf companies
  • ...and other corporate services

...Your benefits

  • Reduction of Tax Liability
  • Confidentiality
  • Access to Foreign Investments
  • Global Trade Opportunities
  • Safer Banks & Insurance Companies
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Investment Diversification
  • Currency Diversification
  • No international trade tariffs

Pay no taxes with a smile with your offshore company!

They said I live in a wonderful country and should pay my taxes with a smile!
I tried that but they insisted on CASH!! - Mel Narvey